Gorgelous is an idea which hangs between gorgeousness and deliciousness. Or simply something you say when gorgeous in not enough. We live in curious times. Curiosity is what moves my creative juices. When I meet a magical and marvellous mind its spirit ignites mine, and won’t let me rest. An inspiring project keeps me awake all night long. I’m always ready to join a friend in a new creative adventure. Even when the going gets tough. Real talent moves me. I believe in sharing, connecting, exchanging, blurring, merging. I love young energy when it nourishes sage minds. I love what comes with wrinkles, it still has the capacity to surprise. And it’s in this convergence that I find the pleasure of being a creator. In every tiny moment of my life.   Patrizia Boglione, founder


Gorgelous Mag è un webzine su food e visual arts. Con un approccio inconsueto, estetizzante, intelligente, a volte cinico, mai ovvio.

Gorgelous Mag is a webzine on food and visual arts. With an unusual, highly aesthetic, intelligent, cynical, never obvious approach.


Shape Your Talent è l’universo di Gorgelous dedicato all’ispirazione creativa, a workshop, talks, creative coaching e personal branding.

Shape Your Talent is dedicated to workshops, talks, coaching and personal branding.


L’arte della resilienza. 21 giorni presi a prestito dalla vita quotidiana dove il sentire e le emozioni si confondono con colori e tratti di matita.

My art of resilience and Art Therapy. 21 days set apart from the ordinary in which I gave birth to digital art.


FoodUnchained è una finestra sul carcere, il cibo e l’identità. Si focalizza su progetti virtuosi nati dietro le sbarre.

FoodUnchained is a window on prison, food and identity. It  focuses on nourishing projects born behind bars.